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Green Seed Ventures invests in Australian & New Zealand food and beverage companies where we can add value by accelerating growth. Beyond investment, the Fund will offer strategic support to create fast growing and sustainable businesses through its unparalleled global network of partners and advisers.



Green Seed Ventures will look for opportunities that:

  • Have a differentiated product or brand with successful proof of concept or market validation
  • Can be scaled internationally, leveraging Green Seed's global network
  • Require investment at the seed and early stage (first money in and series A) funding rounds

Green Seed Ventures will:

  • Target startups with a product or brand in market that has consumer and customer traction and the potential to scale into export markets.
  • Focus on investing in startups who have unique and differentiated product or brand in the food and beverage industry with potential to be leveraged globally.
  • Seek innovative companies who can use technology as an enabler to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Create accelerated and shared value with investee companies by working collaboratively with them.